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Parnitha Mountain is located 30 km NW of Athens and is the highest mountain in Attica 1.400 m. and one of the most beautiful in Greece. The National Park of Mount Parmitha is vast full of pine trees and extends over 300 sq. m., overlooking the city of Athens. Parnitha is home to 30 mammal species such as deers, rabbits, foxes etc. and 120 bird species and 800 different plant and herb species. At the location Bafi and Flambouri alt. 1,158 m. two mountain refuges operate with a capacity of 50 persons each. Moreover, one can visit the Regency Casino Morn Parnes and challenge their luck in the casino or enjoy the peak hospitality at Cafe Restaurant 1055 that offers high end amenities. The transfer can be made either by car or cable car that offers a magnificent view over the Attica Basin. The lower station, an architectural jewel in total harmony with its environment, is one of the most interesting buildings created over the last few decades in Attica. The building is a minimalist, highly elegant setting which highlights the original works of art created especially for this unique space. Apart form Parnitha National Park there are numerous hotels, taverns and restaurants in the surroundings of the Park and especially in the Municipalities of Acharnes.

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