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The Athens City Centre has always been a place of cultural and architectural variety. The combination of modern and ancient architectural sites in Athens, along with its museums and contemporary urban art pieces give the city a unique aesthetic. A typical example of this fusion is the area of Plaka, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Athens, with the picturesque pedestrian roads, which is famous for its restaurants, taverns and small cafes that bring together Greek and foreign regulars to enjoy the view of Acropolis and the colorful corners the place has to offer, not far from the amazing Acropolis Museum, the Ancient Agora and the Odeon of Herodus Atticus . Anafiotika, the part of Plaka most similar to an island, on the northeastern side of Acropolis Hill, giving the neighibourhood a Cycladic colour, deserves a special mention. A little further away, in Exarcheia, the alternative, youthful area of Athens, there is the Blue Building, one of the most well built apartment buildings in Athens. In the small streets around Exarcheia Square, many pieces of graffiti art, interesting posters and beautiful little record stores, as well as other retro shops can be found. The Strefi and Lycabettus Hills offer two of the most beautiful views of the entire city of Athens. Exarcheia is considered a political, youthful, artistic place, usually populated by students of the universities of Athens.


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