March 2018


The north-eastern part of Greece, Thrace is the region where East meets West more than anywhere else in the country. This co-existence creates a unique multi - cultural heritage blend, ideal for alternate filming. This blend reflects in the architecture of its three major cities: Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupoli. Xanthi, amphitheatrically built on the foot of Rodopi mountain range, boasts an exquisite old town with cobbled narrow streets and gorgeous mansions of local and ottoman architecture as well as of Greek Neoclassicism. Alexandroupoli, the first Greek city to be encountered when crossing the Turkish and the Bulgarian borders, is a beautiful seaside city, with its landmark Lighthouse casting uninterruptedly its light on the sea for over a century. Among the mountain villages stand out the Pomakohoria, a cluster of approximately 40 villages north of Xanthi, renowned for their cultural and architectural uniqueness. Diversity in landscape can also be found in Thrace with fertile valleys, dense forests, serpentine rivers (Evros, Nestos, Ardas) and picturesque lakes (Vistonida, Ismarida). The Evros Delta, 11 km wide, is a biotope for rich avifauna: 314 out of the 423 bird species in Greece are nesting here.


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