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Monemvasia is a unique medieval tower town founded by the Byzantines in the sixth century, transformed by Venetians and restored by Ottomans, preserved until today. It is a spectacularly unique landscape formed by a narrow strait part of land, located on the south - eastern coast of the Peloponnese. Monemvasia was separated from the Greek mainland by an earthquake in 375 AD and became an island with a great strategic position trading port. In 1971, Monemvasia was linked with the mainland through a 200 meters bridge. The mystical stone-built settlement of Monemvasia, nestled at the edge of a big rock by the sea, offers a journey through time with labyrinthine picturesque walks and wonderful views through traditional passages, narrow cobbled streets, beautifully restored stone buildings, many Byzantine churches and the powerful medieval fortress the so-called Gibraltar of the East. The castle region is divided into two parts, the lower and upper town. In the lower part of the town, the visitors can explore the ruins of the historic buildings – among which the Muslim Mosque, a preserved 16th century building housing the Archaeological Museum, as well as magnificent Byzantine atmospheric churches. In the upper part of the town, visitors come across the remains of old Byzantine buildings and through a rocky twisty path come across to the Fortress which is offering a breathtaking view of the town and the port.


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