The GREEK FILM CENTRE (GFC) provides several public funding programs aiming at the total protection, support and development of film production and art in Greece. GFC funds fiction, documentary and animation projects, both feature and shorts, for
established and upcoming filmmakers. You may download the RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE GFC FUNDING PROGRAMS here

A special mention should be made to the “Program of Incentives to Attract Foreign Productions to Greece with a Greek producer as a minority partner” (program 9 in the Rules & Regulations of the GFC). Open to applications all year long, the program provides funding for projects originating outside of Greece, but with Greek participation. The program refers to two (2) distinct categories of feature length fiction film works, with a minimum running time of 70 minutes:
a) International co-productions originating from states signatory of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production or states that Greece has concluded a transnational treaty. The amount of funding by the GFC is set at up to €50.000.
b) international co-productions originating from the countries of the rest of the world submitted by a Greek minor co-producer who participates with at least 5%. Eligible for this program are foreign projects in which either a significant part of the film is shot in Greece or Greek technicians and possibly artists participate in them or Greek laboratories are being used. The amount of funding by the GFC is set at up to €80.000 and cannot exceed 20% of Greek expenditure.

An additional funding source through the GREEK FILM CENTRE is the SEE CINEMA NETWORK. The GREEK FILM CENTRE is founding member of the South Eastern Europe Cinema Network (SEE CINEMA NETWORK), a well-established film institution that seeks to develop collaboration between cinema professionals in its member states (currently 13 member states). To this end, it supports a) the Development of international co-productions and b) the Production of short films. You may download the SEE CINEMA NETWORK RULES AND REGULATIONS here.

Greece is a signatory of the 1992 European Convention on Cinematographic Co- production and has already signed the Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production (revised), which is subject to ratification. Greece has also bilateral co-production agreements with Canada and France. It is a member of the European co-production fund EURIMAGES and the EU Creative Europe Program / MEDIA sub-program.

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