Greece is no longer in a state of lock down since May, 4. The country has coped with the pandemic efficiently, rated as one of the countries with the lowest infections and casualties in Europe and has gained praise worldwide for the collaboration between government, health experts and population.

As of May 18th, filming has resumed in Greece following government COVID-19 related protocols and according to the country’s epidemiological data.

Ensuring safety on set, crews are requested to follow the SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR FILMING IN GREECE recommended by the Ministry of Culture and Sports based on the instructions of the Commission COVID-19 experts of the Ministry of Health.

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Useful Links: Athens International Airport website provides updated information for travelers:  https://www.aia.gr/traveler/travellers-info/faq-for-covid19

National Public Health Organization (EODY) provides useful information on COVID-19 data from Greece, advice for travelers etc. https://eody.gov.gr/en/


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