Filming Permits are issued by archaeological, military, municipal and other competent authorities. There is no central, nationwide body responsible for issuing filming permits. The application and issuing procedures, time required and fees levied vary from location to location. Filming on private property requires a permit issued by the owners of that property.

Article 36 of Law 3905/2010 on the Support and Development of the Cinema states that:

 Re Permits for filming

  1. No permit is required to film (for the cinema, TV etc.) in open-air spaces, except in the case of special permits provided for by law and issued by the relevant archaeological, municipal or other authority.
  2. Special conditions and restrictions are in force covering filming (cinematic or otherwise) in areas on Greece’s national borders. These regulations exist to protect Greece’s national interests and were put in place by joint decision of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Culture and Tourism.
  3. Producers of cinematic and/or audio-visual works may be permitted to make use of units of the armed or security forces if permission is granted by the Ministers for Culture and Tourism and other ministers with competencies relevant to the particular request.
  4. In cases where such permission is granted in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 above, the producer must allow the work to be screened for the units from the armed or security forces who were involved in its filming.


The Hellenic Film Commission does not issue filming permits. It can, however, provide information relating to the various authorities that do. It can also provide a LETTER TO FACILITATE FILMING from the Greek Film Centre (ECC) to the competent departments and local authorities relating to the filming of fiction films and television programmes of a fictional nature.

Finally, in accordance with Decision B1138 (Gov. Gazette: 10.4.12) relating to filming in archaeological and historical sites, the Hellenic Film Commission can provide a CERTIFICATE from the Greek Film Centre (GFC) which confirms that the script of the film in question does not promote violence, racism or sexism and is not in breach of any legislation in force in Greece. The CERTIFICATE has to be submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Sport as part of the filming permit application process.


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