I am a freelance production manager / location manager and fixer based in Athens, Greece. I have worked on Greek and International projects including feature films, tv, commercials and production services of all caliber. Clients include BMW, Vodafone, Twix, Vichy, L'oreal, Mastercard, TGI Fridays, OPAP, Pringles and many others. My main area of expertise is production and location manager where I can handle, manage, organize all kinds of production dynamics. Deep understanding of production workflow and issues with a vast array of knowledge concerning permits, locations, contacts and general production services. Picture and contacts archive for interior and exterior locations around Greece.
28th October Street Vrilissia
15235 Athens, Greece
 +30 6948843846


VICHY - 7 SUMMITS by Alex Vilaras (2019), TVC.

WORLD'S SHORTEST POEM by David Clay Diaz (2019), Feature Film .

MAVI JEANS by Cemal Alpan (2019), TVC .

DEATH OF FRIENDS by Friedmann Fromm (2019, 10:20), GERMAN TV SERIES .

SUMMENDIA by Miguel Angel Jimenez (2018, 90), Feature Film .

KAL-A-ZAR by Janis Rafailidou (2018 , 100)

ALWAYS SUMMER by Alexa Economakos (2018), Short Film .

OUR SHIRLEY VALENTINE by Various (2018), International TV SERIES - Reality TV.

BMW - I3 by Maximillian Nieman (2017), TVC / WEB COMMERCIAL.

SAISON MORTE by Thanasis Totsikas (2017), Feature Film .

AREAS OF SPECIALISATION Fixers, Line Producing , Location Scouting / Management, Production, Production Management
AUDIOVISUAL WORKS Commercials, Documentaries, Experimental, Feature Films, Industry / Corporate Videos, Multimedia, Music Videos, Reality Shows, Short Films, TV Productions
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