Filmografik_DocReublic is a creative studio specializing on documentary filmmaking and interactive media. Dedication on using the documentary form as a catalyst for telling human stories and documenting social change is a priority. We have evolved our filmmaking techniques for bringing to our viewers the essence of reality change. We create cinematic narratives that speak of social issues. A documentary hub where digital storytellers and public dialogue will be inspired. An extensive experience on international documentary film co-productions, project development, working experience in USA film production context, production & post-production services in Greece
Enomenis Evropis 7b
55236 Thessaloniki, Greece
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FAR.GO.BOTS by Angelos Tsaousis (2020, 75'), Documentary Film.

VOLUNTEER DIVERS TAKE ON UNDERWATER POLLUTION by Angelos Tsaousis (2019, 3'), Social media documentary video.

THE MONKS OF MOUNT ATHOS by Angelos Tsaousis (2018, 3'), Short documentary .

NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL by Angelos Tsaousis (2018, 2'20"), Short NGO documentary.

THE LAST PAINTED MOVIE BILLBOARDS IN GREECE by Angelos Tsaousis (2016, 2'23"), Short documentary film.

THE NEW PLASTIC ROAD by Angelos Tsaousis - Myrto Papadopoulos (2015 , 45' ), Documentary film.

ARUNDEL by Konstantina Kotzamani (2012, 18), Short fiction film.

ONE MORE DANCE by Simos Korexenidis (2012, 12'), Short Fiction Film.

AREAS OF SPECIALISATION Co-production, Fixers, Line Producing , Producers / Directors, Production, Production Management, Production Service
AUDIOVISUAL WORKS Documentaries, Feature Films, Industry / Corporate Videos, Multimedia, Short Films, TV Productions
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